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Alyssa – St Louis Senior Photographer

I was so incredibly excited and thankful when my cousin Dawn contacted me about taking her daughters Senior photos.  They drove all the way to St. Louis from Kansas City for me to do them!!  I was nervous about how our weather was going to be, because – well you know St. Louis.  And it was the first week it had cooled off… like, super cooled off!  But we had a gorgeous day.  It really couldn’t have been more perfect! Including how adorable Alyssa is!!  Love the outfits and details she had.

SO…. some of you know MY oldest daughters name is ALSO Alyssa.  I have say it was a little weird when I uploaded these images and made the folder “Alyssa’s Senior Photos”  I got a little choked up!!  There it was, in like with other folders that said “Alyssa’s Band”  “Alyssa’s Birthday”  “Alyssa’s Volleyball”  LOL  I know I have a few more years before that folder will actually be there for MY Alyssa – but still.  I know it will be here TOO FAST.

Ok – Back to Miss Alyssa, the gorgeous model below!!  Thanks again for driving to the good ol’ STL for your photos!  I hope you enjoy them!  AND enjoy the rest of your senior year!!!!

SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (1)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (2)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (3)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (4)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (5)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (6)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (7)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (8)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (9)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (10)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (11)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (12)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (13)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (14)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (15)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (16)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (17)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (18)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (19)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (20)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (21)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (22)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (23)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (24)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (25)

Dawn Sebastian-Misemer - September 26, 2014 - 9:38 pm

Beautiful!!! You did an AWESOME job!!!

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