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Andy & Maria – St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Writing this blog post for Maria and Andy sure does bring me joy!!  Maria has been my BFF for over 15 years and I am so happy that her and Andy are now husband and wife.

Many things are in this blog post: !!exclamation marks!! (sorry! I over use them!) Love.  Lots and lots of love.  And sore cheeks.  Because all the smiling I have done while editing and creating this post for Maria and Andy – I sure hope they love it!!  =)

(Warning – this post is image heavy! like really heavy!  SO it may take a little bit to load… But you guuuuuuuuys. I couldn’t NOT include the WHOLE day.  So – yea.  I’m not sorry.  Hope you make it till the end)

We started the day at Hair Statement in Maryland Heights.  Miss Alicia has been doing most of us girls’ hair for at least 10+ years!  (Thanks for also helping out Tara!)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (1)

The little girls (all Maria’s nieces) also came in and had their hair done by the Bride.  They felt so special!!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (2)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (3)

Maria’s turn!!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (4)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (5)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (6)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (8)

(Francesca, I know you will remember this moment as Lila wanting more juice – but she won’t.  Just a sweet moment with her momma.)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (9)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (10)

^^ Future Maid of honors – Great idea!

We dug into this “Wedding Day OMG!” box quite a few times!!  Fill her on up with lots of goodies.

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (12)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (13)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (14)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (15)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (16)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (17)

Andy and the guys got ready at his parents house.

I love when somewhere so rich in memories is used for getting ready.  Not only does it continue the memories – but it makes great backgrounds for their album.  Just think – one day Maria and Andy’s children are gonna love looking at grandma and grandpa’s house in the background!  Memories people.  Awesome.

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (18)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (19)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (20)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (21)

Love tan suits.  From Savvi Formal Wear

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (36)

The girls all got ready at Maria’s (and now Andy’s!!) home.  Love.

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (22) copySherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (23)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (24)

Gorgeous gown from The Blushing Bride

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (25)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (26)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (27)
SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (29)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (30)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (31)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (32)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (33)

Maria had this wonderful idea to get fancy perfume to wear for the first time on her wedding day with the hope that every time she wears it afterwards it will remind her of  their special day.

I think that is an awesome idea!!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (28)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (35)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (34)

Getting ready to see her Groom!  (Thanks for the photo Leah!!)
SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (37)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (38)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (42)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (39)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (40)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (41)
SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (43)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (44)

Ceremony and Reception both held at the Butterfly House.  It was beautiful!!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (7)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (11)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (46)

Beautiful bouquets from Walter Knoll Florist

Program Design: Allie Gunning

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (104)

Maria’s father is the most awesome person to photograph!  He is just so genuine.  I am *almost* positive i that middle photo he is telling her she is Beautiful.  <3

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (47)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (48)

Getting a quick congratulatory hug from her good ol bro!!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (49)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (50)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (51)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (52)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (53)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (54)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (55)

See.  What did I tell ya.  I love these next photos of a Dad handing his beautiful daughter off for marriage.

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (56)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (57)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (58)

Adorable lanterns carrying the rings (yes the real ones!).  They had them tied in there preeeeetty good! ha!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (59)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (60)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (61)

Ohhhh, hiiiya bridesmaid photographer!!  Special thanks to my aahhhhhhhmaaaazing second photographer Leah.  She had a little more than normal to worry about at this wedding since I was also a bridesmaid!!

Leah, you rock!!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (62)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (63)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (64)

Maria and Andy chose to symbolize their marriage with a God’s Knot.  I think this maybe the first time I have seen this?  And I love it!  I am sure it is displayed somewhere in their gorgeous home!

Awesome ceremony by Pastor Mike Ploen
SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (65)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (66)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (67)

Annnnnd, they are married!!  Yay!!!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (68)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (69)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (70)

HOW adorable are the bridesmaid necklaces!!?  Great (reusable!!) gift!!  From here, your welcome.

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (71)

Maria let her bridesmaid pick whatever dress they wanted!!  She made a color swatch book for everyone to take along with them while shopping.  Such a cute idea!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (78)

Yep – and one with me!  Thanks Leah!!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (80)

No joke!  A frog showed up during our bridal party portraits.  So, duh – we had to take a photo with him!!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (75)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (72)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (73)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (74)

Maria and Andy have worked for Russo’s Catering for many years.  How sweet of Kathy! She brought us some amazing horsd’oeuvres while taking photos!!  And just a random photo of Maria and I… just because! LOL
SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (76)

OMG – I love this.  Special wedding party photo request from the Bride.  I might make this a regular thing!!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (77)
SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (79)
SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (81)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (82)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (83)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (84)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (85)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (86)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (87)

How neat is this table seating chart from Worn Vintage Rentals!!  Maria hand wrote all of the names!

(Awesome tip – print out what ever font you like and place it behind the window and trace!! Easy-peasy.  Well – probably not – but Maria made it look easy!! )

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (105)

My awesome assistants – Eric and Brian =)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (108)

Thank you Cards – Designed by the Bride! (Printed with The Ink Spot)

Delicious Cake pops by Margaret Kanaday

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (45)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (97)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (98)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (106)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (107)

Beautifully delicious cake by Claire Steinbrugge (message me if you want her contact info!!)
SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (88)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (89)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (91)

Awesome Rap speech to Ice Ice Baby by Maria’s younger sister, Kristen.

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (93)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (92)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (94)

We normally do not photograph food at weddings, but since Maria and Andy both work for Russo’s Catering – it was a given.  Their menu was the best! ever!

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (96)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (99)


SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (100)

First dance song: Falling In Love In a Coffee Shop, Landon Pigg

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (101)

Parents Dance: Imaginary Tea, Jon McLaughlin

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (102)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (103)

SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (95)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (109)SherryLanePhotography-taylorwedding (110)

Maria and Andy – I am beyond happy for you! I hope these photos will take you back to your special day every time you choose to look at them!  THANK YOU for letting me capture it for you.  I love you both!!

Sherry Lane

Kelly Kidd Abernathy - November 7, 2013 - 1:49 am

These pictures were soooo awesome! You did a wonderful job capturing this special day!

Kelly Potter Flatt - November 7, 2013 - 2:13 am

Oh sherry!!! What perfect photos of your best friends day!!! Everything looked as beautifully elegant as I thought Maria would have it!

Rachel - November 7, 2013 - 3:01 am

Sherry!!!! These could be in a magazine!!!! Beyond beautiful!! Although I’m sure Maria’s striking beauty helped!! FAB job!!
Love it!!

Cristin O'Hearn Norman - November 7, 2013 - 5:00 am

Amazing pictures! Gorgeous wedding! Congrats!

Kelly Digby Jedlicka - November 8, 2013 - 3:36 am

These are beautiful photos of a beautiful wedding day!

Lora Monroe - November 8, 2013 - 6:04 am

Love these!

Jessica Kirk - November 8, 2013 - 8:07 pm


Suede - November 9, 2013 - 9:29 pm

Sherry you should be so proud or your work. Makes it seems like I was there! And dang it – I missed a cheesecake bar?!?!? Snap.

Sherry Lane - November 13, 2013 - 4:19 am

You are too sweet, Suede! Thanks! And yes, the cheesecake was divine! 🙂

Channey Brennan - November 19, 2013 - 5:13 am

These beautiful, breathtaking pictures capture such a glorious day! But most importantly, I look SKINNY! You’re an amazing photographer, Sherry!

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