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BFF, Besties, Tres Amigas.

My besties took me out to celebrate my 30th birthday last weekend.  At first they would not tell me where we were going and all I kept seeing were these signs for Daniel Boone’s historical home and I was all like YAY… Daniel… Boone’s… home…!

THANK GOODNESS the car ended up at Chandler Hill Winery instead!!!

Hello gorgeous.



This place was awesome.  Great scenery, a cute little band playing.  It was a tad toasty out… OK, more than a tad – but who cares!

There was WINE!


Well, at least there was wine for me and Maria   🙂

Bruschetta and spreads.  Delish.


Chandler Hills, Riesling.  Mmmm.

Maria and I both had the Chicken and Brie Panini and Katie had the Chicken Salad


DUH, there was dessert.  Key Lime Pie and Milkway Cheese cake. YUM.


I ran into one of my bride and grooms from last year, Ryan & Jessica – they were celebrating their one year anniversary!!

SO I HAD to take a photo for them 🙂

  (they had the COOLEST hay ride after ceremony…  seriously. THE BEST!)


So we had some wine and closed the place down….  like really – we were one of the last groups to leave.  SO then the photo session started.

Sorry your not in focus girls.  Camera settings are hard after three glasses of wine.

I wasn’t joking – we for real had a photo session… or three.


Nope – no wine for this one.  She is just this awesome. GO Kate!


These girls.  Garsh, I sure do love them.


Katie’s wee little bump.  5 months.



Like I said.  IT.WAS.HOTTTTT.  I could see my face shinning away in the lens when Maria was getting all up close in my face.


OK, back to the bump.  That is so much cuter than muhhhh sweatyyyy faccccccceeee.



So then we crossed over the little road to the actual vineyards.  Duh – it was a winery.  We HAD to take some with the grapes.  I mean really!



There were bugs….  that liked Maria.   (heart you!  hee hee!)



That last one there – on the left.  Yeah – I love it.  Maria’s face IS.THE.BEST.   LOL That was her WTH, you have to say ONE TWO THREE face.

 I was clearly the only one ready for that one.


Ohhhh, Kate.  I love ya.  Cant wait to meet this little baaayyyyyybeeeee.  My heart is so happy for you.



You are the only person I know who could look this cute swatting bugs away from your face.






Dear Chandler Hill Winery,

(and Maria and Katie)

Thank you for a new birthday (or any sunday you guys want) tradition.  We had such a good time eating and draaaanking it up at your fine establishment.  The wine was scrumptious.  And thank you workers for not yelling at us in the field after you had already closed and drove by us.  Cause I mean – those pictures made the trip.   I love you girls SO MUCH. I mean the last 15+ years have been totally awesome.

We have known each other for more than HALF of our lives.  That is weird. And awesome.

(also, please be safe and have a designated driver.  Yes, wine is delicious, but we heard the loud crash of an accident and are pretty sure it was a young group that left a little before us.  Sure hope they ended up ok…. The road was blocked and we had to take a detour so we didn’t see how bad it was.  Just be like us and take a pregnant woman…..     no really – just be safe.)


SO cheers to being THIRTY,  it’s been pretty awesome so far!!  And thanks again girlies – I looooove ya!!!


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