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Charlot Mae – St. Louis Birth Photographer – Sherry Lane Photography

You guys….. I have issues.  I feel like I start every.single.post.  with – get ready! This is a long one!  I just can’t seem to cut my posts down on photos.  Is that an issue? Lol, do you guys stay around and view the whole thing?  I mean this IS a photography blog… so the more photos the better I say 🙂

 I am SO EXCITED to post this birth.  Photographing any birth is breathtaking, but photographing a very close friends child taking her first breath is truly amazing.   I headed to Missouri Baptist Hospital the morning of January 3rd.   Katie and Mike had been there all night progressing right along.  I didn’t sleep much that night just waiting for the text and phone call updates.  Good thing I am used to Dominic keeping me up!  🙂  Katie had a little bit of a rough time with side effects from her epidural.  The good news is wasn’t as bad as the time she had with her first daughter.  But still watching your friend not feeling well AND laboring is hard stuff!  I just wanted to give her a BIG OL HUG!  Which is the last thing I am sure she wanted! lol  I try to keep my distance while photographing births.  Sometimes with small rooms that is hard to do.  But I try to stay quiet, not butt in many conversations…  Just let the couples focus and labor on as if I wasn’t there…  That was also hard to do when its your friend giving birth!  Hopefully I didnt talk your heads off 🙂

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (77)

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (19)

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (1)

It was nice and quiet for a while when I got there.  All of their family was itching to get there!  But they had some great quiet time alone just the two of them all morning.  Taking it all in!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (2)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (3)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (4)

The new baby brought her new BIG SISTER a little gift.  So adorable!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (5)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (6)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (7)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (8)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (9)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (10)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (11)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (12)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (13)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (14)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (15)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (16)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (17)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (18)

Big sister Maria waiting oh so patiently in the waiting room.  She really got there just in time.  It was not going to be much longer for her to meet her new sister!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (20)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (21)

(like I said, it wasn’t long before her sister would arrive… pay attention to the time on that clock!)

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (22)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (23)

A few practice pushes waiting for the doctor to arrive.

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (24)

And once the doctor arrived, it was no time at all!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (25)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (26)

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (27)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (28)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (29)

Happy Birthday Miss Charlot Mae!  12:38pm

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (30)

This.Moment.  This is why I love photographing births.  That emotion a mother has  touching her child for the first time.

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (31)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (32)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (33)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (34)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (35)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (36)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (37)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (38)

Katie was guessing Charlot to be bigger than her first daughter, Maria.  Her guess was 7lbs 5 oz and Mike thought she was waaay over.  Her guess was right on the nose!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (39)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (40)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (41)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (42)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (43)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (44)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (45)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (46)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (47)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (48)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (49)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (50)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (51)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (52)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (53)

Look at all the hair!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (54)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (55)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (56)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (57)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (58)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (59)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (60)

Another “why I love to do this” moment.  Hi, mama.  Charlot sure knows that is her mom!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (61)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (62)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (63)

Time for the sisters to meet!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (64)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (65)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (66)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (67)

and grandmas!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (68)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (69)

Grandpa with a matching hat!! 🙂

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (70)

Charlot Mae…. meet Charlot Mae!  This cutie was named after her Great Grandmother!  How special that she was there the day she was born!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (71)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (72)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (73)Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (74)

A big squeeeeeze bye to momma.  She needs her rest!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (75)

Miss Charlot had to get her blood sugar up a little.  So dad got to even do a little feeding!

Sherry_Lane_Photography-Charlot_Birth_Session (76)

I am so thankful to have witnessed Katie and Mike welcome their second daughter.  Thank you SO MUCH for letting me be there!  Congrats to your new family of four <3!!

Karen Aversa - January 24, 2014 - 3:53 am

Absolutely Breath taking pictures Sherry!!! Some brought tears to my eyes knowing that priceless joy Katie experienced welcoming her new bundle of joy!!!

Andrea Wolz - January 24, 2014 - 4:11 am

Wow! Beautiful. This meant the world to me. Thank you for sharing!

Tisha Lynn - January 24, 2014 - 4:13 am

Beautiful moments caught on film by an excellent photographer. Loved looking at these pictures !

Cathy Hemmer - January 24, 2014 - 1:23 pm

Love this!

Francesca Rehagen Abernathy - January 24, 2014 - 3:16 pm

Amazing pictures! Love the picture of little Maria holding her hands to her mouth when she saw Charlot for the first time. It doesn’t get any more special than that!

Maria Taylor - April 1, 2014 - 2:22 am

lovelovelovelovelove!!!!! I don’t know which is my favorite!! I will say that Charlot’s profile does look like Maria and I cannot get over the one of Maria covering her mouth! Oh, and I love the pic of her head being measured- sososososoooooooo cute!

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