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Gracie – Fresh 48 Newborn Session

Welcome to the family Mary Grace Imogene!!

Yes, I am super excited to announce my cousin Crystal’s sweet baby girl!  So excited for her, Cj and Zeppelin to welcome new Gracie to the family!!

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (1)

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (2)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (3)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (4)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (4a)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (5)

November 17th

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (6)

Kinda funny, I hate feet.  Like put your feet on my and I could come close to hyperventilating.  But not sweet, fresh new little baby feet.  I could pinch those little piggies all day long.

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (7)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (8)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (9)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (10)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (11)

Zeppelin!  The best big brother around!!

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (12)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (13)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (14)

This one melted my heart a little   <3

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (15)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (16)

I was so excited to photograph Zepp’s first official little sister holding.  The excitement shows for itself in the photos.  Man o man.  Its like an episode of Looney Tunes.  I wanna hug her, and pet her… and squeeze her!

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (17)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (18)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (19)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (20)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (21)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (22)

Hi five sister.  You passed the first older brother test.SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (23)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (24)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (25)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (26)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (27)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (28)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (29)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (30)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (31)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (32)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (33)

Grandma & Grandpa made it up just in time from Kansas City!!

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (34)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (35)

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (38)

Auntie Alyssa!  Sorry you were not there this day Alina!!  🙁

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (36)SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (37)

The hair on this girly!! It was so thick!!
SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (39)

And we had to do one with a Cards hat.  Gracie is already a true fan!!

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (41)

Have fun being a big brother Zepp!!

SherryLanePhotography_Gracie_Fresh48Hospital (42)


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