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Joe & Allie – St. Louis Wedding Photographer

My summer, like many other photographers is pretty slow on blogging.  Its good in a sense because that means I am busy having fun in the sun with my kiddos… but I have a long list to share with you now!!  Now that school is back in session, I am going to attemp to get caught up before the rush of fall starts in just a few weeks.  Fingers crossed right?!

First up is this fun filled wedding day of Joe & Allie!  And I mean jam packed of fun!

The day started out with Allie and her girls getting all primped and pampered at Belleza Salon in O’fallon, MO.

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (1)

This gorgeous ring was Allie’s gift from Joe.

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (2)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (3)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (4)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (5)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (6)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (7)

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (12)

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (8)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (9)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (10)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (11)
Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (13)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (14)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (15)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (16)

(where’s waldo, aka – me. :] )

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (17)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (18)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (19)

Allie wore these Superman bandaids as her “something Landon” for the day.  So cute!!  <3

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (20)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (21)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (22)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (23)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (24)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (25)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (26)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (27)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (28)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (29)

Joe & Allie wanted to include their son Landon in the ceremony, but left the final decision up to him.  The plan was to have him come up during the ring exchange, so when that time came, Joe looked over at Landon for the final answer.  And he decided he just wasn’t feeling the spot light.  But I love the look on Joe’s face getting the answer!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (30)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (31)

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (32)

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (33)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (34)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (35)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (36)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (37)

Allie’s work runs the Destination Desserts Cupcake truck!!  So of course they had it show up after their ceremony was over!  Joe and Allie greeted their guests as they served them all some delicious cupcakes!  Seriously, so adorable.

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (38)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (39)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (40)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (41)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (42)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (43)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (44)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (45)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (46)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (47)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (48)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (49)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (50)

That is one good looking bridal party right there!  All the nieces and nephews participated too 🙂

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (51)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (52)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (53)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (54)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (55)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (56)

Turtle Park is where Joe and Allie were engaged 🙂

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (57)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (58)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (59)

You got to see Joe’s gift to Allie above, the gorgeous pearl ring Joe ordered from Ireland.  But what I didn’t mention was Allie’s gift to Joe.  When we arrived at our next location to take photos, outside of Busch Stadium, Joe learned HIS gift was actually going INSIDE Busch Stadium to take photos.  I would say he was pretty shocked!!!  And Allie totally racked up some new wife brownie points!!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (60)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (61)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (62)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (63)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (64)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (65)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (66)

Joe’s parents and Landon were all in on the surprise and showed up to share this special moment out on the field.  Pretty big deal for these crazy Cardinal fans!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (67)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (68)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (69)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (70)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (71)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (72)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (73)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (74)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (75)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (76)

I probably shouldn’t share this photo of us teaching Landon to NOT follow the rules… but.  it’s pretty funny!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (77)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (78)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (79)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (80)

Landon was throwing to the cut-off man.  I’m thinking it got there!Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (81)

Just a little glimpse of my day with Landon.  He is a fan of the photobomb.  Well played Landon, well played.

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (82)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (83)

The day was finished up with a gorgeous, fun reception at the Sheldon Concert Hall.

Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (84)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (85)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (86)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (87)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (88)Sherry_Lane_Photography_RehagenWedding_2014 (89)

It was such a great day, Joe & Allie!  Thank you for letting me be a part of it!!

Maria Taylor - September 4, 2014 - 11:00 am

Sherry! These are fantastic! You captured the fun of the day PERFECTLY! Love these pics!

Emily Harvey - September 4, 2014 - 12:55 pm

Sherry, these pictures are so great! You always blow me away with your work!! It helps having cute subjects, I’m sure! 🙂

Tracy DiCampo - September 4, 2014 - 1:06 pm

Just gorgeous Sherry! Love, love, love your work! Looks like an amazing day!

Alice Lancaster - September 4, 2014 - 2:40 pm

Loved seeing them thank you. Beautiful couple, beautiful day

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