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Kris, Nicole, Ellie, Aj – St. Louis Family Photographer

Hold on to your hats here folks.  The adorable Vandesteeg family is back!!

I first met this family when I photographed them in the fall of 2011 and let me tell you, some of their photos are still my favorites!!

Miss Ellie and Mr Aj are even cuter now if that is even possible!!

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (1)SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (2)

And that cuteness credit to the kiddos above is all thanks to these two!  They seriously are the best.  No, like really – the best!

Such a fun. loving. hilarious. couple!

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (3)SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (4)

Well, hello there Porter.   This old guy is pretty awesome too!
SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (5)SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (6)SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (7)

Can’t you just hear the laughter?!  So fun!

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (8)

Stop. it. Vandesteeg family.

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (9)

Seriously!  Stop being so adorable!

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (10)SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (11)SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (12)SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (13)

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (14)

These next two are hilarious and sweet.  Best of both worlds right there.

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (15)

SO…. a little time warp for you here.

1. My photography style has changed.

2. These kids have grown so! much! in two years!!

In the photo below, Ellie was just about to turn 4 and Aj was 10 months old!  Eeeek!

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (25)

We tried to do a little then vs. now re-creation for this photo.   Weeeeeell, it was a little harder to capture at 6 and 2 years old  😉

But I think its funny that in this bottom right photo, Ellie’s hands are in the exact same position as above.  Aj’s reaction is just a little different!  hee hee!

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (16)

You two are so adorable!

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (17)SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (18)SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (19)SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (20)

Another time warp!  This was(and still is!) one of my favorite photos I have ever taken from their session in 2011. Love it!

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (24)

and now in 2013.   (Nicole – can we keep doing this until she is a Senior in High School?!!)

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (21)

Ohhhhhhh, Aj.  You handsome little guy you.  He wants to be just.like.his.big.sister!

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (22)

And a few more with Mr Porter.  He sure is such a great pup.

SherryLanePhotography_V_Family_Portraits (23)

Thank you SO MUCH for letting me take your family photos again!  I am so incredibly lucky to meet the sweetest families AND watch them grow from year to year.  You guys are doing it right.  Keep up your awesomeness!!

Kris Macdonald Crawford - November 15, 2013 - 2:07 pm

WOW….Just WOW. These photo’s are making me have tears of joy! I LOVE my kids! What a wonderful job, you did! ♥

Nicole Vandesteeg - November 15, 2013 - 7:05 pm

<3 Perfect.

Kristen Oberle DeVorss - November 15, 2013 - 10:42 pm

Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

Kris Macdonald Crawford - November 16, 2013 - 1:42 am

<3LOVE<3 Awesome photography! Capturing such precious moments!

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