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Longing for Spring

Dear Spring,

I need you to hurry up.  Which is kind of ironic because I want time with my kids to slow down.  They are growing way too fast.  I should really consider moving to somewhere warmer…

I despise winter.  I get mopey, and all whiny.  It’s like I’m two and need a nap.  I just wanna walk outside and not shiver uncontrollably.  I wanna wear flats and flip flops.  I really dont like socks.  lol  We have had a few glimpses of Spring during these winter months, and I am grateful for those!  I will try to wait patiently.  The anticipation of grabbing the door knob and waiting for that zing of getting shocked is all fun, but…I’m over it.  I’ll just snuggle my kids in the warm covers until I can smell it in the air!


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