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Sherry Lane Photography – Fox Family – St. Louis Photographer

Gah! Photographing another photographers family made me SUPER nervous!  🙂

Allison is the awesome photographer at Allison Nichole Photography  Then at the end of our session, I also learned that her husband James ALSO enjoys photography.  EEEk!  They have so many beautiful photographs displayed in each room.  I’m hoping  I was able to give them some of their new adorable family that are wall worthy 🙂

It also helps that their home is decorated like so awesome! They have such great style, I think James could create anything Allison thinks up!  I’d move in tomorrow and not change a thing, well. maybe put my kids names in place! 😉

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (1)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (2)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (3)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (4)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (5)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (6)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (7)

‘dem baby wrinkles!!  Looooove them.

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (8)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (9)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (10)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (11)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (12)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (13)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (14)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (15)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (16)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (17)

I love that we were able to sneak in some sleepy baby ones!  James was a good rocker/shooosher!!

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (18)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (19)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (20)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (21)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (22)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (23)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (24)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (25)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (26)

Puppy wanted some attention too!!

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (27)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (28)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (29)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (30)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (31)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (32)

I.yawn.every.time.I.see.this.photo.  ^^    #truth.

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (33)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (34)

Oh, Korbin.  You are stinking adorable.

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (35)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (36)

Love their green bedroom!!

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (37)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (38)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (39)

this one kinda made my heart swoon.  <3

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (40)

I mean seriously.  This.Room!!

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (41)

It’s ok, Korbin!!

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (42)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (43)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (44)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (45)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (46)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (47)

Even with a little baby puke, still cute as can be!

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (48)

gah!  that face.  When I was editing this session my daughter Francesca seen this one and said, “oh my gosh mom.  He has the cutest little face!”   Yes, yes he does.

SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (49)SherryLanePhotography_FoxFamilySession (50)

Dear Fox family, thank you so so so SO much for letting me photograph your family.  You three are simply adorable and I had SUCH a good time!

 I can’t wait to watch Mr. Korbin grow!!  I hope to do this again sometime!! 😉

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Longing for Spring

Dear Spring,

I need you to hurry up.  Which is kind of ironic because I want time with my kids to slow down.  They are growing way too fast.  I should really consider moving to somewhere warmer…

I despise winter.  I get mopey, and all whiny.  It’s like I’m two and need a nap.  I just wanna walk outside and not shiver uncontrollably.  I wanna wear flats and flip flops.  I really dont like socks.  lol  We have had a few glimpses of Spring during these winter months, and I am grateful for those!  I will try to wait patiently.  The anticipation of grabbing the door knob and waiting for that zing of getting shocked is all fun, but…I’m over it.  I’ll just snuggle my kids in the warm covers until I can smell it in the air!


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M 4 H – Project 52 – 2014 {Week 5 ~ Noise} – Sherry Lane Photography

Week Five.  Noise.

My kids are generally pretty good at the store.  They are “NOISE”-Y.  But as long as its harmless babbles from Dominic and singing giggles from Francesca, I let them be.  And then I usually get told – Oh wow! you have your hands full!  😀   And then I say, oh yeah – and then add in my emotional pre-teen!  Just kidding, kind of.  But Alyssa is usually at school when we make our trip grocery shopping.

IMG_1787-2 copy

Join in the fun here!

Week One.

Week Two.

Week Three.

Week Four.

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Sherry Lane Photography – St. Louis Photographer – Spring 2014

I am super excited to open my spring calendar for sessions!

Please use the contact me tab above to inquire for your 2014 Spring sessions!  Because I have Saturday’s filled up with weddings, I will be taking LIMITED Sunday sessions.

 I am also offering a discount on Weekday sessions!


{Sherry Lane Photography Portrait Sessions}

Engagements, Maternity, Lifestyle Newborns, Families

Friday, Saturday* or Sunday* – $400

Monday – Thursday – $350

Up to a 1.5 hour session with Sherry Lane
Up to 40 downloadable images
On-Line Proofing Gallery
Prints and Wall art available a la carte

* Saturday and Sunday sessions are VERY limited

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