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Mr. Geno Brooks

Hi there!  I would love to introduce you to my newest bundle of joy, Geno!  He entered this world on February 5th, 2015 and we are so in love with him!!

Please keep in mind I will be slower to respond of the next few weeks!  I will be snuggling and loving on this little guy!!  🙂



Maria Taylor - March 11, 2015 - 10:22 pm

Like, like, like, like!

Rebecca Early - March 12, 2015 - 1:29 am

He’s gorgeous! Congrats on your new little bundle!

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Alyssa – St Louis Senior Photographer

I was so incredibly excited and thankful when my cousin Dawn contacted me about taking her daughters Senior photos.  They drove all the way to St. Louis from Kansas City for me to do them!!  I was nervous about how our weather was going to be, because – well you know St. Louis.  And it was the first week it had cooled off… like, super cooled off!  But we had a gorgeous day.  It really couldn’t have been more perfect! Including how adorable Alyssa is!!  Love the outfits and details she had.

SO…. some of you know MY oldest daughters name is ALSO Alyssa.  I have say it was a little weird when I uploaded these images and made the folder “Alyssa’s Senior Photos”  I got a little choked up!!  There it was, in like with other folders that said “Alyssa’s Band”  “Alyssa’s Birthday”  “Alyssa’s Volleyball”  LOL  I know I have a few more years before that folder will actually be there for MY Alyssa – but still.  I know it will be here TOO FAST.

Ok – Back to Miss Alyssa, the gorgeous model below!!  Thanks again for driving to the good ol’ STL for your photos!  I hope you enjoy them!  AND enjoy the rest of your senior year!!!!

SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (1)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (2)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (3)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (4)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (5)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (6)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (7)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (8)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (9)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (10)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (11)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (12)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (13)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (14)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (15)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (16)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (17)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (18)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (19)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (20)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (21)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (22)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (23)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (24)SherryLanePhotography_StLouisSenior_Alyssa (25)

Dawn Sebastian-Misemer - September 26, 2014 - 9:38 pm

Beautiful!!! You did an AWESOME job!!!

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Morgan Matthew – St. Louis Birth Photographer – Sherry Lane Photography

I am super excited to share with you the birth of Morgan Matthew!  I had been in contact with Danielle all week, her due date was actually the first weekend in September!  Her doctor decided that due to the babies size, and Danielle’s petite-ness it would be best to schedule a C-section.  And my o-my so glad she did!!  Mr. Morgan was a chunker!! 🙂

Thank you so much to the awesome staff at Missouri Baptist for allowing me in to photograph this amazing time for Danielle & Josh.  It is not everyday the hospital will allow an extra person into the OR for a c-section, so we were very thankful everyone was so nice about it all!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (1)

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (2)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (3)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (4)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (5)

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (6)

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (7)

I wish I knew the name of Danielle’s anesthesiologist, she was truly an amazing woman!  It was no secret that Danielle is a little terrified of needles.  AND her husband Josh is no fan of blood and gory stuff.  This super kind lady explained how every little detail would happen from the moment they left the room heading into the OR, to the second they would be back in this very room holding their sweet boy.

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (8)

Josh’s faces during the conversations with the Anesthesiologist were just great.  And you know what, he did AMAZING during the whole birth!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (9)

Did I mention Danielle is also a fellow photographer??  She AND her Father (Grandpa Dan) are!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (10)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (11)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (12)

Morgan had quite the welcoming crew waiting around for him.  His grandmothers/grandfathers/aunts/cousins were so very excited to celebrate this birthday!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (13)

It was just about time for us to head back into the OR to meet Morgan.  I could tell Danielle was getting a little nervous, she got a little quiet! 🙂

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (14)

But Josh came right in and was so great.  He talked and joked with Danielle, making her just at ease with everything about to happen!  They were going to meet their son!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (15)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (17)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (18)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (19)

One final kiss and goodluck before heading off!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (20)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (21)

I think that waiting for 15-20 minutes felt like hours!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (22)

When it was time to head back, Josh just gave one last reminder – “Now don’t forget, I dont wanna see any blood or gory stuff in here!”

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (23)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (24)

Danielle was all set and ready to go and Josh just scooped up right next to her making sure she made it through everything while we were in the hallway.

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (25)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (26)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (27)

I would say that Danielle’s doctor made a really great call on the c-section due to size.  Morgan was a BIG boy!  And he was just crying away before he was completely delivered!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (28)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (29)

This tiny little doctor was like, OH my!  HE is a BIG BOY!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (30)

Getting to witness a husband and wife meet their first born son for the first time is *truly* indescribable.  But I sure do love it, and I am so thankful I can call being a birth photographer my job. <3

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (31)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (32)

When Morgan was born, he had the cutest pukered up lips for the first 20 minutes or so of crying.  It was quite adorable and hilarious at the same time.

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (33)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (34)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (35)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (36)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (37)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (38)

Look at those lips!  <3

I love when dads cut the cords and they are so shocked at how hard it is to actually get through it.  I have never actually cut a cord so I have no idea, but I have just witnessed this moment a few times 🙂

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (39)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (40)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (41)

Look at the rolls on his arms!  I mean seriously.  I love chubby babies!!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (42)

Morgan Matthew was a whopping 9 pounds and 3 ounces and was 22 inches long!  Such a healthy boy!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (43)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (44)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (45)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (46)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (47)

Dad was showing off his foot print tattoo the nurse gave  him.  So cute seeing the comparison of the tiny foot to dads hands!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (48)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (49)

Mom got to officially meet and touch her little guy for the first time!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (50)

These are the moments I am thankful to capture for families.  I was tearing up while editing this whole section of images!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (51)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (52)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (53)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (54)

Babies first official cell phone pic! #awesomenewborn #firstselfie

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (55)

And at last, in mommas arms!!  (AND how adorable is this custom hospital gown Danielle ordered!! Love!)

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (56)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (57)

Don’t forget about the fan club waiting to meet this cutie!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (58)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (59)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (60)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (61)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (62)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (63)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (64)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (65)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (66)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (67)

I love that they do babies first bath in the rooms now.  It is such a great moment to capture!  I mean most babies are screaming and NOT happy about it, but I sure do love it. lol!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (68)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (69)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (70)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (71)

See there buddy! Not so bad getting all cleaned up!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (72)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (73)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (74)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (75)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (76)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (77)

That. Face.  Gah!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (78)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (79)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Morgan_Birth_Session (80)

Josh & Danielle,

I hope you are settling into your new role as the mom and dad to Morgan.  I am so thankful everything worked out and I was able to photograph this beautiful day for you!  It was great getting to meet you and your family and witnessing just how much love there is for this new guy of yours.  I wish you all the best and cannot wait to watch your photography page Danielle, as Mr. Morgan just gets older my the minute!



Dan Irwin - September 11, 2014 - 8:14 pm

absolutely precious moments captured here….thank you so much Sherry for all you did!!!!

Jessica Schmidt - September 11, 2014 - 8:23 pm

This is wonderful!! <3 What an amazing little guy he is! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family, inside and out!

Katie Stewart - September 11, 2014 - 8:35 pm

Beautiful pictures! Morgan is so cute!

Danielle Geiler - September 11, 2014 - 8:40 pm

Oh I am in love!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!! The images are exactly what I could have hoped for or better!! It was so great to Relive this

Mary Ann Harris - September 11, 2014 - 8:43 pm

Thank you Sherry!! Beautiful pictures of Morgan’s birth day!! thank you. What a great job!!

Ashley Clay - September 11, 2014 - 8:51 pm

Amazing pictures! Morgan is such a cutie!!!

Emily Stover - September 14, 2014 - 6:34 pm

Thank you, Thank you for capturing such beautiful & precious moments in our family’s lives! What a treat to “witness” this blessed time from 2000 miles away via this blog! 🙂 Cannot wait to meet the little guy xoxo

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Miss Mila – St. Louis Newborn Photographer

This past May I donated a newborn hospital Session to be auctioned off with The Big Picture Project.  This program is ran by an awesome photographer here in St. Louis, and I am just so excited I was able to donate towards it!!  Make sure you go check out their website and donate if you are able to!  If there are any other auctions in the future, I will let you all know!!

 I have to admit I was SUPER nervous that I was not going to have any bidders on my item.  It was like having flashbacks to highschool when I was auctioned off to dance with someone at the Valentines Dance and I had my best friend (who I gave $20 bucks) bid on me if no one did! LOL  Well, she bid on me, and she won.  Fast forward some years to now.  Oh best friend… I need your help again!!  lol

Turns out I did have a few bidders on my item, which I was very VERY shocked and excited about! (thank you if you were bidding!)  And one of them was a fellow photographer, which was even more exciting (and nerve wracking!)

Maya won the auction as the highest bidder, and she just happens to be an amazing newborn & family photographer with Sunflower Life Photography.

Maya and her adorable family welcomed Mila into the family on August 9th.  She was welcomed with love, kisses, and squeezes (and probably even a few slaps!! 🙂 ) by her big Sister and brother.


Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (1)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (2)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (3)


Big brother was meeting the new little sister for the first time.  But really, he just wanted see his momma!!  <3

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (4)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (5)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (6)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (7)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (8)


Big sis did not wanna leave Mila’s side!  She just wanted to hold and touch her new baby sister.  I mean really, can you blame her?!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (9)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (10)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (11)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (12)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (13)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (14)


Mila was having some eating & tummy issues.  So we had lots of swaddles and shusshing in our session.  But she was still sweet as can be!  And I like how I captured dad shusshing his new little girl to comfort!! <3

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (15)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (16)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (17)


I love me some newborn chubby cheeks!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (18)


Got a little glimpses of a smile on the right one… gas… smiles… whatever the cause, still adorable 🙂

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (19)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (20)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (21)


Maya was seeing everything from the “moms view” at our session, instead of her normal photographer role!  She was nervous we didn’t get anything, she apologized for her kids being a little wound up.  But in all honesty, they were great kids, who acted their ages.  And we got some really great candid moments of what was happening 🙂  Sounds pretty perfect in my book!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (22)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (23)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (24)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (25)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (26)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (27)

Mila was undecided if she wanted to open her eyes for our quick little session.  She only did for a few seconds, but it was like she knew what that big thing was in her face!  I think she knew the sound of the shutter from “working with her mom” for the last 9 months!!

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (28)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hospital_session_Mila (29)


Welcome to the world Miss Mila!  And congratulations Maya & Bryan on your new, perfect little family of 5!!

Jenny Payne - September 11, 2014 - 1:02 am

Tears in my eyes. What a beautiful family! Love you guys, Maya Catron-Lay!

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