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Sherry Lane Photography – Hoffman Family – St. Louis, MO

I am so excited to welcome Derek, Becca and Gwendolyn to my blog for the first time!

I had so much fun meeting their family!  And just incase you wanted to know, Becca can sing a mean Old McDonald had a Farm to make Gwen smile from ear to ear! 🙂

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (1)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (2)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (3)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (4)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (5)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (6)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (7)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (8)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (9)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (10)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (11)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (12)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (13)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (14)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (15)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (16)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (17)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (18)


Thanks Derek, Becca  and Gwen!!  I can’t wait to see how Gwendolyn grows over the next few months!

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Nursing Sessions – Sherry Lane Photography, St. Louis, MO

Now that Dominic is approaching his FIRST! BIRTHDAY! it is becoming a reality that we are actually going to make this milestone of a year of exclusive breastfeeding!  I’m not gonna lie, I am super proud of this!  I didnt make it to a year old with my girls, both for different reasons.  And with knowing Dominic would most likely be my last baby I *reeeeeally* wanted to meet this goal!  It was not easy.  I fought hard to keep up with it!  I’m still fighting to keep up with it!!  I am not sure how long we are going to continue with nursing, but honestly – I dont see him wanting to stop anytime soon.  I joke about him being a nurse-a-holic!  But he really is!

Nursing Page 01Nursing Page 02

To celebrate this milestone for myself, I am going to give away 10… TEN super(about 5-10 minutes) mini Nursing photo sessions!  I have seen nursing sessions done by a few of my favorite photographers, so this is not my original idea.  But I really fell in love with them!  And you bet I will me taking one of myself when I have it all set up!  What better way to celebrate this milestone!

A few things:

The date is set in stone.  If you cannot make this date, please do not respond!  I would like to keep it open to those who are available and *truly* interested.  It is first email, first serve.

The location is TBA, but I am envisioning a lovely scenic background with a blanket/quilt and some comfy pillows.  And you and your sweet little baby nursing!

Once I receive your email, I will respond with a contract and your time slot.  If you decide it will not work for you, the time will be given to the next email-er.

I am super excited about this project, and I hope I get some takers! 😀

If you would like to sign up for the Nursing photo sessions, please email me at sherrylanephoto@gmail.com


**please note**

An email to me does not guarantee you a spot!  I will reply the first 10 emails that are sent.  If they decide not to do the nursing session, I will contact the next person in the order the emails were received!





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The Bat Mitzvah of Anna! – Sherry Lane Photography – St. Louis, MO

I am super excited to share Anna’s Bat Mitzvah from this past weekend!  I have known Anna and her family for a few years now, we met through Team Central gymnastics where my daughter and Anna went.  I knew Anna would do great speaking in front of her family and friends.  I mean – if you can do what she does on a beam in front of hundreds of people, this would be a piece of cake!!

I decided to surprise the Speller’s with a same day slide show at Anna’s evening party with the photos below 🙂

Enjoy Anna’s day below!




I will blog her totally amazing party soon!  Anna was absolutely adorable! 


Tracy Hirsch Speller - May 7, 2014 - 5:02 pm

Words cannot even express my gratitude and love to you Sherry! You did a BEAUTIFUL job of capturing the day!!!!!

Stephanie Prinsen - May 8, 2014 - 3:18 am

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

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