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Sherry Lane Photography – Hoffman Family – St. Louis, MO

I am so excited to welcome Derek, Becca and Gwendolyn to my blog for the first time!

I had so much fun meeting their family!  And just incase you wanted to know, Becca can sing a mean Old McDonald had a Farm to make Gwen smile from ear to ear! 🙂

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (1)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (2)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (3)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (4)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (5)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (6)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (7)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (8)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (9)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (10)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (11)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (12)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (13)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (14)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (15)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (16)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (17)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Hoffman_Family_Session_2014 (18)


Thanks Derek, Becca  and Gwen!!  I can’t wait to see how Gwendolyn grows over the next few months!

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