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St Louis Family Photographer – Lucky Genell

I was so happy I was able to fit in this last minute session when Jennifer emailed me almost a month ago.  We met at her grandmother Genell’s home, and I tell you what, Miss Genelle was the sweetest!  She had to have said to me about 20 times how much she loved her family and how lucky she was to have these awesome people be HER family.  I have to agree with her!  Thank you so much, Genell, Sue, Don, Jason & Nicole, Jennifer, Ryan and Wesley for asking me to be apart of this memory for your family.  <3

Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (1)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (19)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (18)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (17)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (16)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (15)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (14)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (13)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (12)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (11)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (10)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (9)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (8)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (7)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (6)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (5)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (4)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (3)Sherry_Lane_Photography_Extended_Family (2)

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